Four types of crimes you should know

Four types of crimes you should know

It is common for you to come across news channels that show more crime-related content. It is acceptable to assume that media spreads more negativity than positivity. But one main reason to share uncanny situations worldwide is to caution the viewers. The Law has set various rules and regulations to regulate the same. Speaking of crime, do you know the different types of it? If not, educate yourself about four types of crimes today.

  • Hate crimes
  • Victimless crimes
  • Organized crimes
  • Personal crimes

Hate crimes: The name of the crime explains itself. It is a form of violence targeted toward people belonging to a certain sexual orientation, ethnicity, religion, and other similar grounds. The victim is made responsible for belonging to a certain category. Most interstate crimes include unfair practices toward a person due to his race, religion, and color. Some uncommon crimes include mistreating individuals for their gender, disability, and sexual orientation.

Victimless crimes: Criminal activities that do not have victims are victimless crimes. These are illegal in nature and indirectly threaten or violate other person’s rights. Abortion, drug addiction, and homosexuality are some of the victimless crimes. These activities are not done in public. The crucial aspect of this kind of crime is they are not reported by people involved or third parties because of the illegality of the tasks.


Organized crimes: Illegal activities that are well-planned, organized, and executed by groups of individuals come under the category of organized crimes. The main purpose of this type of task is to make more profit. People with authority and their supporting members can be responsible for promoting such crimes. Money laundering, human trafficking, and smuggling are a few examples of organized crimes.

Personal crimes: Crimes that are committed against a state, property, or another human are personal crimes. The offender directly harms the victim on an emotional, physical, mental, or financial state or a combination of these states. Espionage and treason are examples of crimes identified against the state. Manslaughter, homicide, battery, assault, sexual assault, and rape are a few examples of crimes targeted toward an individual.

Bottom line

From the above, it is evident that four kinds of common crimes in the world are hate crimes, organized crimes, victimless crimes, and personal crimes. Being aware of different types of criminal activities will give a chance to identify illegal activities and report them to the law authorities for a safer world.