Know More About Window Shopping

Know More About Window Shopping

Window shopping has more meaning than it seems to be and definitely doesn’t have anything to do with window. To start with, window shopping signifies to shopping (online or offline) only virtually or as we say from above and not actually buying the products. Now as lame as it sounds, it’s one of the most fun activities a lot of people engage to. Window shopping is one of the extensive activity people all over the world do once they’re in a mall or any kind of shopping village or a market.

Window shopping:

Window shopping although is a threat to the shopkeepers unless they have amazing marketing skills and they can convince the customer to buy the product they thought they’ll just look at and walk away. This activity also shares a love-hate relationship with the person supposed to pay because if you just look at it its fine until then but if you decide to buy it or you’re convinced to buy it, it doesn’t fall right with the person holding the wallet. Apart from that, it’s a fun engaging activity for people with small businesses or even boutiques for that matter, because they can look through the various options and trends that are prevailing in the market recently and launch their version of it.


Window shopping although can have different meanings varying from person to person but in basic terms, it’s when you walk into the shop hoping that none of the staff or the shopkeeper comes to assist you and you just look at the options,  check the price tag and then decide if it matches your taste (and wallet of course) or probably go to the trial room, click a few pictures and come out with a frown saying, ‘Oh the fitting isn’t nice’, ‘I don’t like the material at all’, and just walk out of the store.  That’s exactly what’s window shopping and apart from the looks you receive from the staff, it is usually fun. Window shopping is done online as well, you just surf through the sites and keep looking at the varied stuff on the internet, aspiring to buy them sometime or putting it in your cart or your favorite list but not actually buying it.

The most basic tip of window shopping and not being awkward is trying your best to act like you really wanted to purchase the item but it didn’t work with you because of some valid reason. Apart from that you should definitely go try window shopping and have fun, and to the shopkeepers reading this, you’ll can up your marketing skills and convince the other people to buy your product for sure.